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Welcome to
Halo Wellness Clinic


We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centered care for patients from 16 years old to the elderly.
Medical Cannabis Recommendations and Education

If you're tired of prescription medication or just want to try something safe and natural, we offer Medical Cannabis recommendations to patients from 16 years old to the elderly! From help with your proper dosage to understanding how cannabis works in your body, we're here to relieve some of the confusion that comes with understanding cannabis.
Cosmetic Services

What a more youthful look or maintain that youthful glow. We offer Botox treatment as well as Keloid reduction services.
Weight loss Management  

We provided excellent options to weight reduction without the use of surgical interventions. With our medical weight loss options coupled with healthy eating and exercising you can maintain and keep off these unwanted pounds. 



About Halo Wellness Clinic
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Patients are now looking for alternative options without the use of prescription medications to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Halo Wellness Clinic will provide patients with one on one high quality and comprehensive care. We see patients as a whole. Our goal it so build a trusting, compassionate and respectful relationship with our patients from pediatrics to the elderly. 

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